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Alistair Davis

English (fluent), Afrikaans (fluent)
Hard sell, Soft sell, Corporate, Character
English South African, British RP, Cockney/London, Posh English, Scottish, Irish, Italian, French, Jamaican, American West Coast, American South, Welsh, Australian, Kiwi, Spanish, German, Dutch

Alistair is an experienced and versatile voice artist and actor with over 5 years’ experience. He has done work locally for brands such as Outsurance, Checkers, MTN, Men’s Health, Virgin Atlantic, John Dory’s, FOX TV and Carte Blanche. He has also had some documentary work published for National Geographic in Australia and New Zealand(
Alistair has also worked and lived abroad and studied French, Spanish, Dutch and is currently learning Italian. He can understand and converse in these languages. These unique set of experiences and an ear for accents has given him the ability to do perfect international accents. He is also fluent in Afrikaans and has done Afrikaans voice work.

Voice Clips

  • Alistair Davis - Hard Sell - Mtn Ayoba
  • Alistair Davis - Straight Read - Mens Health
  • Alistair Davis - Hard Retail Sell - Checkers Golden Celebration
  • Alistair Davis - ACCENT - Russian - Mr Video
  • Alistair Davis - ACCENT - Australian
  • Alistair Davis - ACCENT - New Zealand Skills Promo
  • Alistair Davis - ACCENT - German Conversational
  • Alistair Davis - ACCENT - Irish Conversational
  • Alistair Davis - ACCENT - Scottish Soft Sell
  • Alistair Davis - ACCENT - British Upper Class
  • Alistair Davis Outsurance Radio Ad - SA Neutral Accent
  • Alistair Davis VO Artist - American vo Prince Of Darkness
  • Alistair Davis VO Artist - British vo The Simpsons
  • Alistair Davis VO Artist - American vo Property Guru
  • Alistair Davis VO Artist - British vo Check
  • Alistair Davis Private Property - Quirky Bright Narration - SA Neutral Accent
  • Alistair Davis Checkers Word Whisky Day Irish Accent