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Didier Noblia

Teaching Experience:

1991 – 1999: Private Home Teaching of French. Durban/South Africa. Teaching children between the ages of 6 – 12 years old.

2000: Sopa Lodges. Ngorongoro/ Tanzania. Employed for use of French Language.

2001: Elysees Langues/ Paris/France: Teaching English to groups of Business personal in Paris. Focusing on listening, speaking and role playing.

2001 – 2006: Seattle/USA: Assisting at the Centre for European and French Culture. Teaching French to private students from different age groups with different levels of proficiency.

2006 – 2008: Portland/Oregon/USA: Private tutoring of Conversational French to individuals with different levels of proficiency in French.

2008 – 2016: San Sebastian/Spain: Limerick Language Centre. Teaching English to children, adolescents and adults with different levels of English proficiency. Groups consisted of six to eight students.

Voice Clips

  • Didier Noblia - French Hard Sell
  • Didier Noblia - French Straight read
  • Didier Noblia - English French accented
  • Didier Noblia - French Soft Sell