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1st Lang: English (fluent)     2nd Lang: Zulu (conversational)     3rd Lang: Afrikaans (basic)     
Eyes: Brown     Hair: Dark Blonde     Height: 1.81     

Best Youth & Children Programme  for Challenge SOS, South African Film and Television Awards 2013
Best New South African Script Nomination for NATV’s Live Xmas Show, Durban Theatre Awards 2009
Best Breakthrough Actor Nomination for Guys and Dolls, Fools Awards 2008
New Playwrights Award for Land Ahoy, UKZN Howard College 2004

Film Experience

Film Role Director / Production Company
L ODYSSEE Loius Prezelin dir. Jerome Salle, prod. Fidelite, Pan Europeenne
GEMMA Luiz dir. Nadia Tass, Martin Chase Productions ,Out of Africa
DETOUR Johnnys Friend dir. Christopher Smith, Bankside Films
LAZY SUSAN Hipster dir. Stephen Abbott, Stage 5 films
MOMENTUM Black Hat dir: Stephen Campanelli, Deer Isle Seven
SEAL TEAM EIGHT Amjad dir. Roel Reine, 20th Century Fox
BORDERING ON BAD BEHAVIOUR Jesus dir. Jac Mulder; Muddville, ZenHQ Films
BLUE CRUSH II Gilligan dir. Mike Elliott; Universal Pictures
FLORIDA ROAD Actor (voice) dir. Brad Glass, Sunworld Productions
FREEMAN Andres dir. Guy Sclanders, DT Film Studios
PINE Tony dir. Stephen Schmidt; Splash Productions
ZOMBIEONE Guy dir. Tony McLeod, Independent Production (Short)
LOOK A TEAR Cain dir. Daniele Tripepi, Corpselight Pictures (Short)
THE ROAD TO HEAVEN Dave dir. David Scadden, Contraband Visuals (Animated Short)


Series Role Director / Production Company
ORIGINS(Exploration 3 : Mapping the Ocean Floor) Jeffers dir. Niall MacCormick, National Geographic
LAND OF THE FREE Marcus Spiegel dir. Jamie Crawford
SAINTS AND STRANGERS William White dir. Paul Edwards, Sony Pictures Television , Film Afrika
CAPE TOWN Dietician dir. Peter Ladkani, All in Production and Out of Africa Entertainment
JAMILLAH AND ALADDIN Palace Guard 1 Cbbc and CBeebies
HOMELAND III Special forces guy dir. Lesli Linka Glatter, Fox 21
SAF3 Diego dirs. Various, Patsy Pictures
MAD DOGS IV Trey dir. Adrian Shergold; Left Bank Pictures
BULHOEK MASSACRE Colonel Truter (Voice) dir. Sphumelele Sibeko; Penguin Films
KROTOA, DAUGHTER OF THE CAPE Jan van Riebeeck dir. Kaye Williams; Penguin Films
FORCED LOVE Minola Presenter dir. Itumeleng Wa Lehulere, Penguin Films
BEAVER FALLS II Michael dir. Benjamin Caron; Company Pictures & Instinctive Films
MANKIND THE STORY OF ALL OF US Spanish Captain dir. Nick Brown, Nutopia, Film Afrika for SKY TV
LABYRINTH Murviel dir. Christopher Smith; Scott Free Productions,Tandem Communications
HISTORY OF THE WORLD Aeschylus & Nathaniel Courthope dirs. Renny Bartlett, Neil Rawles; Discovery Channel (USA), BBC (UK), Film Afrika
ATLANTIS: END OF A WORLD, BIRTH OF A LEGEND Stevedore dir. Tony Mitchell; BBC, Moonlighting
BAY OF PLENTY Police Bureaucrat dir. John Trengove, SABC, Cinga Productions
WHICH WAY Host, Mentor SABC, Okuhle Media
CLUB SCENE Florian POV Entertainment (Pilot)
CHALLENGE SOS Script Editor SABC, Two Blondes and a Redhead Productions
HULLES, DIE LAASTE ASEM Male Lead 7 Films (Music Video)

Theatre Experience

Production Role Director / Venue
NEW BOY Dan & School Animal dir. Russell Labey, NewSpace Theatre
NATVs LIVE XMAS SHOW Actor, Writer, Producer dir. Ben Voss, NATV
HAMLET Laertes dir. Clare Mortimer, Think Theatre, Playhouse Co.
GUYS & DOLLS Society Max dir. Catherine Mace, BGM Productions
LAND AHOY Writer, Director, Producer, Sixpenny Dan Super Moot, UKZN, Playhouse Co, Hip Kulcha Festival
THE POPE CHRONICLES John Smith dir. Siobhan Schulz, Musho Festival
BEST OF BLUE MONDAY PLATFORM Director, Host PANSA, Hilton Arts Festival
THE CRUCIBLE Frances Nurse dir. Tamar Meskin, UKZN, Possible Productions
THE FINAL BOW Actor dir. Brett Kyle, ABNorman, UKZN
TEMPEST Gerald dir. Aldo Brincat, Grahamstown National Arts Festival, UKZN
PUCKS STORY Demetrius dir. Ingrid Wylde, Blue Sky Productions
TWELFTH NIGHT OR WHAT YOU WILL Sebastian dir. Tamar Meskin & Tanya van der Walt, UKZN
A MIDSUMMER NIGHTS DREAM Flute & Snug dir. Mervyn McMurtry, UKZN
ROMEO & JULIET Paris dir. Mervyn McMurtry & Tamar Meskin, UKZN
ONCE UPON AN EASTER Actor, Writer, Producer, Composer Splashy Fen Festival
ADVENTURES OF DIZZY AND GIDDY Actor, Writer, Producer, Composer Splashy Fen Festival
ROAR Actor, Writer, Producer, Composer Splashy Fen Festival
THE TAIL OF CUCKOO PUTU Actor, Writer, Producer, Composer Splashy Fen Festival
AN UNDERGROUND ADVENTURE Actor, Writer, Producer, Composer Splashy Fen Festival
ADVENTURES OF BUBBLE THE CLOWN Bruno & Tamil dir. Anthony Stonier; Sue Clarence Productions

Training / Experience

Institution Qualification
University of KwaZulu Natal BA Music, Drama, Performance stage and screen acting, voice work, scriptwriting, classical guitar
Kearsney College Full exemption IEB

Special Skills

Standard American, Southern, New York, British RP, Northern English, Irish, Scottish, Russian,German, French, Spanish, Italian, Israeli, Middle Eastern, Australian, Mexican, Cuban
Competitive - Trail/Road Running, Swimming, Squash, Tennis, Table-Tennis, Pool, Recreational - Mountain Biking, Surfing,Body Boarding, Paddling, Boxing, Gymnastics, Basketball, Rugby, Soccer, Cricket, Ice/Inline Skating, Golf, Volleyball
Instruments - Classical Guitar (Grade III), Percussion, Dance - Contemporary, Gumboot, Waltz, Swing, Capoeira, Voice - Baritenor
Code A+B Driver’s license (0 Restrictions), Horse Riding, Juggling, Stage Combat, Sword Fighting, Gun Handling, Basic Stunt/Wire Work
English (fluent), Zulu (conversational), Afrikaans (basic)
Soft Sell, Hard Sell, Conversational, Character
American - Standard American, Southern, New York, British - British RP, Northern English, Irish, Scottish, European - Russian, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Israeli, Middle Eastern, Australian, Mexican, Cuban     

Dylan Edy is an adroit and versatile voice artist, voicing various productions on all types of media campaigns, with many top South African and international clients.
In film, Dylan lent his voice to the Sunworld Production of Florida Road, and the adlibbed animated short film The Road to Heaven.
In television, he hosted SABC 3’s youth travel show, Which Way, and played the voice of Colonel Truter in Penguin Films’ The Bulhoek Massacre.

Dylan has recently voiced television and radio commercial campaigns for Liquifruit, Sony, Jeep, Audi, Pick n Pay, Caltex, Checkers, Revive Projects, Campari, Heat and TopCar Magazines, Homenet, iTouch and the Western Cape Government .

Online, he is the voice behind the Savanna Dead Funny Comic Choice Awards, Brandseye, and Distell’s Pure Cider campaigns and he’s hosted live and recorded campaigns for Suncoast Casino and Entertainment World, Food Lovers Market, Windhoek and Shoprite; as well as voicing audio-visual campaigns for the likes of VW, Woolworths, Investec, Capitec, and Mweb.
Dylan regular clients since 2011 include, Sandown Motors, and Quirk eMarketing.

Voice Clips

  • Dylan Edy - Hard Sell - Makro
  • Dylan Edy - Upbeat - City Sight Seeing
  • Dylan Edy - Announcer - CAB Foods
  • Dylan Edy - Hard Sell - Sandown Motors
  • Dylan Edy - Character - Capetonian
  • Dylan Edy - AV - Distell Pure Cider
  • Dylan Edy - Medium Sell - Checkers Coffee Warm Read
  • Dylan Edy - Documentary Character Voice - ADT
  • Dylan Edy - Hard Sell - Car Mag
  • Dylan Edy - IVR
  • Dylan Edy - ACCENT - American -Microsoft
  • Dylan Edy - ACCENT - Scottish Whisky Live
  • Dylan Edy - ACCENT - Russian -
  • Dylan Edy - ACCENT - French - Martini
  • Dylan Edy - ACCENT - Irish & SA Characters YellowPages