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English (fluent), Zulu (fluent), Tsonga (fluent), Sesotho (conversational), Sepedi (conversational), Swati (conversational)
Upbeat, Hard Sell, Medium Sell, Conversational, Energetic, Corporate
South African English, Zulu

Garnet started doing Voice overs officially in 2013. A guy by the name of Greame White heard his voice , asked him to come to his studio, taught him a few tricks and they did a Markams ad. Then a guy from NP productions heard his Markams ad and started calling him up for different scripts, from video tutorials, cooperates and Radio ads. Thats how other producers would hear his voice !
Being multilingual gives him an advantage and he can also translate. He is originally from JHB and is a sound Engineer.
Garnet also did an online radio show on Mutha Fm,  Co - hosting a show called Wake and Bake every friday 12:00 to 16:00, from 2012 to 2013. Then he worked with Global Sports : a website from 2013 to 2014 where community stations could download sports clips to play after the news, which was sponsored by Sasol. He did  sports updates in Zulu and also through these experiences he got into voice over work.

Voice Clips

  • Garnett Gee - ENG Medium Sell
  • Garnett Gee - ZULU Medium Sell
  • Garnett Gee - ENG Corporate
  • Garenett Gee - ENG Medium Sell