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Sean Cameron Michael

1st Lang: English (fluent)     2nd Lang: Afrikaans (conversational)     
Eyes: Blue     Hair: Dark Blonde     Height: 1.78m     


With a career spanning over 30 years, award-winning South African thespian Sean Cameron Michael has performed leading and critical supporting roles in TV and film productions for Universal, HBO, Sony, Warner Bros, BBC, Disney, Fox, CBS and ABC.
With over 30 theater productions under his belt, highlights include the Vita Award-winning On the Open Road and as Father Huddleston in the Naledi award-winning musical-opera, The Mandela Trilogy. Internationally he has performed in over 80 TV series, shorts, music videos and feature films. Highlights include Bryan Singer's Emmy winning The Triangle and Fox's multi-Emmy and Golden Globe nominated feature 24: Redemption (opposite Jon Voight and Kiefer Sutherland), with over 12 million viewers tuning in for the premiere.
Sean worked opposite Games of Thrones' Charles Dance in the Emmy-nominated Strike Back series, as well as Oscar winner William Hurt in BBC Films' award-winning Challenger Disaster.
In 2014/2015 he played the series regular role of Richard Guthrie in two seasons of the hit pirate series Black Sails for producer Michael Bay. Sean was considered for an Emmy nomination for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama Series, as well as a SAG Award.
A highlight of 2015 was Sean playing the supporting role of Lester in Zentropa/Universal's Western feature The Salvation for director Kristian Levring, alongside Mads Mikkelsen, Jonathan Pryce and Eva Green.
In 2016, Sean played supporting roles in feature films Dis Koue Kos Skat, Double Echo and Lea to the Rescue (Universal).
In 2017 he played the lead in the feature, Broken Darkness, for director Christopher-Lee Dos Santos and won Best Performance by an Actor at the Boston SciFi Film Festival. He also played the lead in the Blade Runner short tribute film Tears in the Rain and won Best Actor at the Underground Film Festival in Germany.
Since relocating to Los Angeles three year ago, his credits include guest starring opposite Gary Sinise in Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders, Scorpion with Robert Patrick (CBS), as well as recurring on the Mark Wahlberg-produced Shooter (USA), Of Kings & Prophets (Disney) and Blood Drive (SyFy). He also worked opposite Tom Cruise and Russell Crowe on Alex Kurtzman’s The Mummy for Universal (grossing over $450M globally).
He will next be seen playing the lead in the feature The Last Victims for director Maynard Kraak. He is also attached as the lead in the AST film franchise (USA/Canada) and Midas (USA/UK). 

Film Experience

Film Role Director / Production Company
THE MUMMY Supporting dir. Alex Kurtzman ,Tom Cruise, Universal
THE LAST VICTIMS Lead dir. Maynard Kraak, West 5 Films
BROKEN DARKNESS Lead dir. Chris dos Santos, Karoo Films
LEA TO THE RESCUE Supporting dir. Nadia Tass,Universal
THE SALVATION Supporting dir. Kristian Levring, Zentropa
THE CHALLENGER DISASTER Supporting dir. James Hawes, BBC Films
SAFEHOUSE Supporting dir. Daniel Espinosa; Universal
DIS KOUE KOS,SKAT Supporting dir. Etienne Fourie, Karoo films
NATALEE HOLLOWAY Supporting dir. Mikael Salomon, Sony
ALBERT SCHWEITZER Supporting dir. Gavin Millar; Warner Bros
LOST BOYS , THE THIRST Supporting dir. Dario Piana, Warner Bros
DEATH RACE III INFERNO Supporting dir.Roel Reine, Moonlighting Films
INVICTUS Supporting dir. Clint Eastwood; Warner Bros


Series Role Director / Production Company
BLOOD DRIVE( Eps. 105, 106,107, 110, 111, 112) Recurring dir. Roel Reine,Universal
SHOOTER Recurring dir. Simon Jones, Mark Wahlberg.(USA)
SCORPION Guest Star dir. Omar Madha, CBS
BLACK SAILS I and II Series Regular dirs. Alik Zakharov, Michael Bay, prod. STARZ
THIS LIFE (South African version) Series Regular dir. Maynaard Kraak, Fremantle
OF KINGS AND PROPHETS Recurring dir. Duane Clark, Romeo Tirone, ABC
ORIGINS Guest Star dir. Celso Garcia, National Geographic
THE TRIANGLE Recurring dirs. Craig Baxley, Dean Devlin, prod,SyFy
SWARTWATER Guest Star dir. Jozua Malherbe, SABC
24, Redemption (TV movie) Guest Star dir. Jon Cassar, Fox,Imagine
WHEN WE WERE BLACK Guest Star dir. Khalo Matabane, SABC
CRUSOE Guest Star dir. Michael Robison, NBC
OUTCASTS Guest Star dir. Andy Goddard, Kudos Film, BBC

Theatre Experience

Production Role Director / Venue
Full list available on request
FULL CIRCLE (PANSA award) Lead dir. Steven Pillemer; Kalk Bay Theatre
PILLOW TALK Lead dir. Karen Jeynes,Intimate
MANDELA TRILOGY (Naledi award) Supporting dir.Michael Williams, National Tour
ON THE OPEN ROAD (Vita award) Supporting dir. Ilse van Hemert , Tesson Theatre, Civic Theatre
BABY Supporting dir.Alfred Rietmann, Artscape
VERS and KABARET Supporting dir. Alfred Rietmann, Artscape

Training / Experience

Institution Qualification
Rita Maas Phillips (RADA) Speech & drama
Peter Kelley (New York) Scene Study
Prof. Pamela Christian American dialects
Paul Weber (Los Angeles) Scene Study
Joe Bill (Chicago) Improvisation
Matt Ryan & Martin Koch Les Miserables workshop
Liz Wright & Zandi Casan & Jazz Workshop Vocal Coaching (lyrical tenor)

Special Skills

Afrikaans, Standard American, Southern American, Australian, British RP, Cockney, German, French, Russian, South African English (various)
Horseback riding
Singing (Lyrical Tenor)
2 years Infantry training (South African Defense Force), weapon training, hand-to-hand combat, Basic stunts

Video Clips

English (fluent)
Varies from instructor (formal), to real person (informal), spokesperson (authoritative),narrator (omniscient storyteller) to announcer (movie trailers).Soft Sell, Medium Sell, Warm, Straight
Southern American , Standard American, British RP, Cockney, French, Polish, South African English

Over the past 30 years, seasoned actor Sean Cameron Michael has performed in over 80 local and international television series and feature films, as well as doing numerous commercials and voice-overs. In the nineties he was a regular voice-artist for Mnet Movie Magic and since 2012 has been the voice of LG’s Smart TV, 3D TV and Green Health Plus global TV and cinema campaigns. Sean has also worked as the narrator and voice artist on a number of documentaries and corporate videos, including Miglio Jewelery (2010), Nelson Mandela Rhodes Hotel & Spa (2011), Cape Times (2012), Sanlam Glacier (2012), Sygnia Asset Management (2013), as well as international dubbing work for a Lebanese animated series (2013).

Voice Clips

  • Sean Michael - Hard Sell - Remax
  • Sean Michael - Soft Sell - Dial Undirect Insurance
  • Sean Michael - Straight Read - Corporate Liberty
  • Sean C Michael - Corporate Capitec Bank
  • Sean C Michael - ACCENT - American Movie Trailer Voice
  • Sean C Michael - ACCENT - British Movie Trailer Voice
  • Sean C Michael - ACCENT - Standard American, Russian, British RP, Afrikaans, Southern American,