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Andre Jacobs

1st Lang: English , Afrikaans      2nd Lang: French (highly competent)     
Eyes: Brown     Hair: Brown     Height: 1.8     

2008 Fleur Du Cap award for “Best perfomance in a Musical for ASSASSINS
1995 Fleur Du Cap best actor OLEANNA (David Marnet)
1995 FNB Vita award Best actor OLEANNA


Film Experience

Film Role Director / Production Company
Full List available on Request:
THE CARPENTER Amos dir. Garrett Batty, Boomtown Films
Hammerskjold Radcliff dir. Per Fly Plejdrup , Do Productions
SOMETHING BORROWED, SOMETHING BLUE Ruben dir. Liezel Spies, Kyknet Storiefilms
THE MAURITANIAN Judge Robertson dir. Kevin Macdonald, Wonder Street
INDEMNITY General Alan Shard dir. Travis Taute, Gambit Films
SPELL Wyman Thatcher dir. Mark Tonderai, Parmount
INSIDE MAN 2 Sergeant Sam Abrams dir. MJ Bassett, Universal 1440 Entertainment
MEKTOUB MY LOVE CANTO 2 Jack dir. Abdellatif Kechice, BIANCA S.r.l
BREATHE Governor dir. Andy Serkis
LONG WALK TO FREEDOM Bram Fischer dir. Justin Chadwick
VIR ALTYD Johan dir. Jaco Smit, The Film Factory and 17 Film Street
FELIX Mr Murray dir. Roberta Durrant
VENUS NOIRE Hendrik Caezar dir. Abdellatif Kechiche ,Paris France
INVICTUS Tv Announcer dir. Clint Eastwood


Series Role Director / Production Company
Full List available on Request:
PLAN B Zeev dir. Jozua Malherbe, Scene 23, Kyknet
DIE BYL S5, S6 Pienaar dir Nina Swart, Wolflight Films, kykNET
FRANKLIN D ROOSEVELDT George Marhall dir. Malcolm Venville, Film Afrika, History Channel
JUFFROU X Kriel dirs.Tertius Kapp, Berdene Kruger, Kyknet
INVASION S2 Dr Roger Martin dir. Brad Anderson, Apple TV
SUIDOOSTER Mnr Pienaar Kyknet, Showmax
WARRIOR S3 Lymon Merryweather dirs. Brett Chan, Loni Peristere, Dennie Gordon, Dinh Thai, Dustin Nguyen, Nima Nourizadeh, HBO
FRAKSIE Willem dir. Nina Swart, Infinity Films
REVELATION ROAD Walter dir. Gabriel Sabloff, Advantage Entertainment, Pureflix
LINCOLN Gideon Welles dir. Malcolm Venville, Radical Media, History Channel
ROOSEVELT Woodrow Wilson dir. Malcolm Venville, Radical Media for HISTORY CHANNEL
THE PROFFESSIONALS (6 Episodes) Reginald Reggie Swann Most Films, Spier productions
VAGRANT QUEEN (5 Episodes) Kavar dirs. Jem Garrard, Danishka Esterhazy, Cindy Lee, Blue Ice prods.
WARRIOR (2 Seasons) Lymon Merryweather HBO
BLACK SAILS (4 Seasons) De Groot Starz Entertainment
MADIBA Kobie Coetzee dir. Kevin Hooks, LeftBank pictures, Blue Ice Pictures
THE CROWN (1st series) Governor of Bermuda dir. Steven Daldry, Leftbank Pictures, Sony Pictures, Netflix
VLOEKSTEEN Spook dir. Regardt van den Bergh
CRUSOE Davenport Moonlighting

Theatre Experience

Production Role Director / Venue
Over 40 production including:
RACE (David Mamet) Jack Lawson Edinburgh Festival
WIES BANG VIR VIRGINIA WOOLF George dir. Christian Olwagen
ASSASSINS Sam Byck dir. Fred Abrahamse

Training / Experience

Institution Qualification
Rita Maas Drama
The London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art (LAMDA)

Special Skills

Standard American, British RP, Afrikaans, French

Video Clips

English (fluent), Afrikaans (fluent), French (highly competent)
Character, Medium Sell, Hard Sell, Soft Sell, Conversational, AV, Corporate
Standard American, British RP, Afrikaans, French
Andre has been a pillar of the South African film, television and theatre industry for many years, and increasingly also being recognized by international film makers as a incredible force. His authoritative and trustworthy voice elicits confidence in the products he represents.  He is trilingual, fluent in Afrikaans, English and French.

Voice Clips

  • Andre Jacobs - ENG Old Mutual Corporate
  • Andre Jacobs - ENG Hard Sell - Isotonic
  • Andre Jacobs - AFR Medium Sell - Teks Mess
  • Andre Jacobs - ACCENT - American Hard Sell - Yank Logos Hype
  • Andre Jacobs - ENG Upbeat Conversational- Web Africa
  • Andre Jacobs - ACCENT Afrikaans - Mantellis
  • Andre Jacobs - AFR CORP - Santam
  • Andre Jacobs - ENG Character Spoof - Esprit