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Cecile Murray-Louw

Cecile is a voice and on-camera actor and singer who has featured in radio and TV campaigns in South Africa.
She has well over 7 years' experience as a professional voice over artist, having featured in campaigns for Nu-Metro, the SA Defence Force, Speed Services, ADHASA, the VF Plus, Leon Schuster films, Road Accident Fund, SABC, Miway and more.
She is a versatile and flexible artist popular for radio, TV, animations and gaming voices.
As a fully bilingual actor who also voices accents such as British, Scottish, Irish, French, and "Cape Flats" with ease, she has proved a dependable, easily directed asset to clients and the industry.
She excels on stage and in the theatre, teaching drama, music and art to adults and children. She writes and directs community and children’s theatre, and occasionally designs and makes theatre and film sets.
She is classically trained as an opera singer and her singing voice is one of her best assets.
English (fluent), Afrikaans(fluent),French(basic),Zulu(basic),Shona(basic)
South African , British rp, Scottish,Irish,American std,French,German

Voice Clips

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