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Claire Verstraete

English, French, Italian, Spanish, Basic: Afrikaans, German
Conversational, Expressive, Chatty, Corporate, Sultry, Smooth
Standard American Southern AMerican, British RP, Australian,Spanish, Italian, French

Claire Verstraete has been voicing radio and TV commercials since 2007. Her latest work includes a TV campaign for Lindt chocolate (2014), Parmalat yoghurt (2012-2013) and Richelieu Brandy (2012).
Claire works across a broad range of delivery styles from conversational, expressive and chatty; corporate (presentations and training videos, auto-attendant, IVR systems, etc); to intimate and sultry ... Claire's accent is naturally South African with a warm, clear tone. She is fluent in French, Spanish and Italian, and does accents in these languages regularly. Other accents she has mastered include Standard American, Southern, Standard British and Australian.
Claire is also a dialogue coach. In 2013, she worked on the Starz Production, ''Black Sails" in French and Spanish.

Voice Clips

  • Claire Verstraete - Excited Character Italcotto July 2010
  • Claire Verstraete - Cpt Factory Shops July 2010 - Hard Retail Sell
  • Claire Verstraete - Feel Good Health July 2010 - Announcer
  • Claire Verstraete - Futuro Opticals July 2010 - Straight Read
  • Claire Verstraete - The Bed Centre Master - Hard Sell
  • Claire Verstraete - Spanish Accent 7 Wonders Table Mountain