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Margot van Wyk

1st Lang: English (fluent)     2nd Lang: Afrikaans (fluent)     
Eyes: Green/Blue     Hair: Red     Height: 1.74     


Series Role Director / Production Company
STOOR SESSIONS (Online Stream) Presenter DPK Production House
Kyk of Koop Property Reality Show Presenter Via TV

Theatre Experience

Production Role Director / Venue
SHOWTIME Supporting PE Opera House

Training / Experience

Institution Qualification
NELSON MANDELA METROPOLITAN UNIVERSITY N.Dip Public Relations Manager (Media &Communications,Graduated with Cum Laude
EAAB South Africa NQF4 Real Estate Practitioner

Special Skills

Professional and trained public speaker and charming
Well-established connector with valuable networking skills
Creative and passionate writer
Effective communicator in conflict communication and persuasive
Strong leadership and excellent interpersonal/group communicator
Innovative communications strategist & practical expertise in engaging and
creative social media and online marketing strategies
Fast and realistic problem solving and crisis management experience

Video Clips

English (fluent), Afrikaans (fluent)
Standard American,British, Russian,Australian,Irish (basic)

Margot van Wyk is a force of nature, professional juggling artiste and bloodhound in tracking and engaging with the who's who in the local and international media realm. Margot has recently taken an interest in exploring her hidden talent as voice over magician after she heard herself spinning all kinds of fancy phrases as a presenter on a 13 episode TV series which is airing on VIA TV. She also has a natural knack (and an uncontrollable tendency to switch over to an Australian accent 2 minutes into a conversation with her cousin from Sydney) for imitating various accents and foreign travellers often stop mid-conversation to ask her if she really is from South Africa. Being a parent means that Margot is also very skilled at using different tones and volumes to get the right message across in an effective and meaningful manner and is extremely skilled at delivering calls to action. She has had formal vocal training and has been classically trained in singing from the age of 6. Jingles are her natural way of coping with road rage and instead of breaking out in a series of angry words she prefers to break out into chorus and is very creative at creating parodies to express her feelings towards road hogs. Margot is always ready for a new challenge, the question is, are you ready for Margot ?

Voice Clips

  • Soft Afrikaans
  • Soft Sell
  • Swiss Afrikaans
  • Corporate