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Nirvana Nokwe

1st Lang: English (fluent)     2nd Lang: Zulu (fluent)     3rd Lang: SeSotho (conv), German (basic)     
Eyes: Brown     Hair: Black     Height: 1.71     

Nirvana Nokwe-Mseleku, better known as Nirvana Nokwe, is a performance artist of varied disciplines. 24-year-old Nirvana is a trained singer, songwriter, producer,
filmmaker, and actress. While she is Johannesburg born, she identifies more with her years in KwaMashu and Lamtonville, eThekwini. Her family is rooted in the arts,
making it possible for Nirvana to have participated in the entertainment industry at 4-years-old as a professional.
By the age of 10, Nirvana understood what she was doing in entertainment and concluded that she wanted to continue pursuing a career in the arts. Through
Amajika Youth and Children Arts, a school founded by mother and grandparents Tu, Alfred and Patty Nokwe, Nirvana participated in the Umoja Cultural Flying
Carpet and more recently the Los Spirido Del Pianetta festival in Italy. At the Arts and Culture Festival, Nirvana competed as part of the Zulu tribe delegation to
represent the Zulu heritage. These cultural exchange experiences have influenced Nirvana’s creative direction towards her solo projects.
Since her start in the industry, Nirvana contributed to music for advertisements, in addition to background music for films, and has participated in voice over work.
Marilyn Nokwe, former member of Mango Groove, mentored and introduced Nirvana to the world of commercial and cinematic audio production. Nirvana’s vocal
contributions can be found in productions alongside South African musicians like the late great Hugh Masekela, Shaluza Max, and Busi Mhlongo.
As a solo artist, she began her career on SoundCloud with the release of The Travel Playlist. Her debut EP, Cosmic Bae Trilogy III saw her flex her writing chops with
subject matters that sought the intersection of astrology and love. In addition, it was her first foray into producing herself. Nirvana’s musical subject composition
draws on the cultures she encountered during her time overseas at arts and culture festivals. However it is her relationship with her father that has informed much
of her melancholy subject material. Due to his battle with stage 2 Bipolar Disorder, Bheki Mseleku, renowned UK based South African jazz musician, was absent for
a large part of Nirvana’s life. His absence has influenced her understanding of love and her interpersonal relationships, as best seen in songs like Medusa and
Waiting. Granted, melancholy is not to be inferred from her production, as she often juxtaposes her written subject material with uptempo compositions, such as
her house collaboration with DJ Tefo for Emaweni.
In addition to singing and writing her music, she also produces most of her music, a legacy of her time at the Academy of Sound Engineering. Most notably, her
participation in 5FM’s 5Live online-streamed performance of Desmond and the Tutus. Her responsibilities included rigging the multi camera setup as well as the
live vision mixing of the performance. She’s gone on to fulfil similar roles for the Thabo Mbeki Foundation, The Gender Mainstreaming Awards, and more. As an
actress, she’s acted on the BBC Family production of Quarx. SABC 1’s short film, The Manicurist, and scored roles on shows like Generations The Legacy and
Throughout her career, Nirvana Nokwe has committed to telling stories and translating them through audio-visual mediums. It is for this reason that events like One
Night In Nirvana, a collaborative concert experience with Curiocity, became a milestone for her in 2019. Emphasising the importance of experiencing euphoria
through music by engaging all sensory points, Nirvana hosted and produced the show in Maboneng as to cultivate a personal and intimate relationship with
people who enjoyed her music.

Special Skills

Sing (pro), Compose, Rap
Horse ride, Netball, Yoga

Video Clips

English (fluent), IsiZulu (fluent), seSotho (conv)
Standard american, Nigerian, Cape Coloured, South african

Accents: British (Northern & Southern), General American, African American, New York American, Nigerian, Cape Coloured, Generic South African

Nirvana trained her voice at the Amajika School of Performing Arts with Marilyn Nokwe, of Mango Groove, as her mentor. She was exposed to the voice over and jingle space at the age of 4 onwards working in adverts for Nedbank and City Power. She perfected her craft, as she matured in voice overs, ADR and singing at the Academy of Sound Engineering where she got her break in radio commercials for 5FM and worked extensively with Audio Militia on their projects with Discovery. Nirvana also featured herself as VO artist on her short film, Sexgregation.

Voice Clips

  • Nirvana Nokwe - SOL 5FM SHOW GIG 1
  • Nirvana Nokwe - Mkaban_Radio Ad_N
  • Nirvana Nokwe - SEXGREGATION V_O
  • Nirvana Nokwe - Quarx Promo