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English (fluent); Afrikaans (conversational)
Warm, husky and conversational; Corporate, informative and educational; Character, comedic and dramatic; Hard Sell, soft sell and Narration

South African English; British RP

A voice artist of many years, Angi has been in studio since 2007.
Her voice has a husky, resonant quality and her versatility covers the more upbeat tones of ‘bubbly”, “confident”, and “effervescent” as well as more neutral registers which suit more formal public announcement and factual information-sharing type genres. She is a character actress and is able to manipulate her voice and tone to bring across any message effectively.
Angi is highly skilled at sight-reading and takes and applies direction easily. She often completes a recording in only two takes and is known for her high energy and can-do attitude in studio.

A significant part of her voice work has been for campaigns aimed at the listenership of women: Glamour Magazine, Cavendish Square, TLC Entertainment, Nutrogena, Truworths, Constantia Village, to name a few. She is a regular voice artist for Algoa FM, Fruit and Veg City, Spar, Clicks Radio and Toyota.
Over and above commercial voice-work, Angi is an experienced dubbing artist, a skill enhanced by her professional training in the Performing Arts.
She is mom to three small kids and an even smaller sausage dog and lives with her husband in Cape Town. She has a high-quality Home Recording Studio and a flexible schedule.


Voice Clips

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