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Bianca Resnekov

English (fluent)

Clear conversational, Smooth, Soft Sell, Corporate

Various South African accents, Afrikaans, French, Spanish, Gauteng accent, Durban accent, Bimbo, Kugel, London accent, Cockney, Standard American,
Southern American, Australian.

Bianca Resnekov is an experienced voice artist and on air radio journalist. She has been presenting and producing her own live radio show on 567 Cape Talk MW since 2012 and has been the Voice of Checkers since 2005 to date.
She specializes in a clear, conversational, smooth read and is known for injecting her own unique interpretation into the script.
Other recent clients include Cash Converters, Audi, Hyndai, Forbes (U.S.A), Chevrolet, Merchant Factor, CNBC AFRICA, Edgars, Archers Aqua, Stodels, Sabuya Spa, Forreri Roche (Italy), Sterns, J&B Met, Argus, Medirite, Melrose Arch, Spurs and Bedroom Basics.

Voice Clips

  • Bianca Resnekov - Compassionate Sexy Read - Argus
  • Bianca Resnekov - Conversational - J&B MET
  • Bianca Resnekov -TOH- Mixit
  • Bianca Resnekov - News - Radio Journalist CNBC
  • Bianca Resnekov - Soft Sell - Checkers Cheese
  • Bianca Resnekov - News - Cape Talk News Journalism
  • Bianca Resnekov - Cheeky Sexy - Bedroom Basics
  • Bianca Resnekov - Conversational Medium Sell - Europcar
  • Bianca Resnekov - Smooth Medium Sell - Nu Bua
  • Bianca Resnekov - ACCENT- Portuguese - Havaianas
  • Bianca Resnekov - Smooth - House Of Paint
  • Bianca Resnekov - Medium Sell - Stodels
  • Bianca Resnekov - Intimate - Cpb Specials
  • Bianca Resnekov - Conversational - Netflorist
  • Bianca Resnekov - Corporate - Old Mutual
  • Bianca Resnekov - Conversational - Cash Converters