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Bob Chappell

English (fluent),French (Conversational)
Soft Sell, Corporate, Character, Announcer,Conversational, medium sell, corporate, AV, smooth, character (British staples David Atternborough, John Cleese etc.), animation, bright, straight, film and TV dubbing specialist.
Britsh RP,Northern English


Bob Chappell has been in South Africa since 1998. You’ll hear his radio voice in two general categories – announcer and character. About his work, he writes: “I think the announcer voice bears great responsibility in an ad. You’ve got to have absolute conviction – yourself, personally – absolute clarity of delivery and genuine warmth. Character’s more the fun side of things. I get quite a lot of British stock character work – the nobs and judges and the like – then the more accent-neutral portrayal of emotion and attitudes. I enjoy good, even forceful direction here – it’s great having a director squeeze exactly what they want out of you.” His most recent work on local radio was for the Safari Now/Stay Now accommodation booking service.
Bob has recently moved into film dubbing work, and also records AV voice-over for educational and motivational projects. As well as on the APM database, you can hear a selection of his voice work on his own AV page at



Voice Clips

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