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Lesly Ndlovu

Lesly has used his voice throughout his 3 year sales career to persuade his clients to invest in projects and services. He fully understands that Tone, Delivery and Approach goes a long way in verbally conveying one's message just right. Coming from a family highly involved in Film, Script Writing, Dubbing and Voice Work; he has acquired vast knowledge, understanding and respect for the Voice - Over industry.
While his Voice-Over career is just getting started, he has trained with some of the best in the Voice-Over Industry, the likes of Cosher Studios and veterans in the space. He is best known for his Cool, Smooth and Deep Tone, whilst harbouring great vocal range across many disciplines of voice work including hard sell, medium sell, soft sell, Voice over narration, corporate and conversational.

Voice Clips

  • Lesly Ndlovu - Hard Sell
  • Lesly Ndlovu - Soft sell
  • Lesly Ndlovu - Conversational Sell
  • Lesly Ndlovu Hard Sell
  • Lesly Ndlovu Corporate Conversational
  • Lesly Ndlovu Narration anthem