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Shiba Melissa Mazaza

English (fluent)
Upbeat, young and friendly; flirty as well as Straight, Conversational, Hard-sell, Medium sell, Nurturing, Natural , Authoratative, and more news-orientated factual clients
South Africa English, Standard American, British RP

British-Malawian Shiba Melissa Mazaza is a South Africa-based campaigns manager and media strategist working with clients that value new and exciting cultural voices. She's cut her teeth through 2019 in SA's mother city working with management company Black Major, working with artists such as DJ Lag, Blinky Bill, Moonchild and Bongeziwe Mabandla, which thereafter inspired her to enter 2020 with her own company, Mount Makeda Media House. With music industry-related clients from writing for the likes of Mixmag and Red Bull Music, to managing campaigns for Apple Music's Platoon Africa office, she hopes to elevate the identities of all creatives in digital spaces. She also enjoys a healthy hands-on career scouting talent via editorial for Afropunk, while having managed stages and programmed festivals such as Design Indaba, Encounters International Film Festival, Cape Town Electronic Music Festival and Littlegig, as well as traveling all over the globe to discover the world's newest sounds and speaking at music markets such as Sakifo Reunion, AME Cabo Verde, Oslo World Norway, Lake of Stars Malawi, Acces Ghana and beyond.
After joining APM she's found herself providing voices for more upbeat, young and friendly clients including Standard Bank, Parmalat and Liberty with more flirtatious voices for Kia, Levi's and Spree/Superbalist. Hard-sell, medium sell, nurturing, natural and more news-orientated clients are where she shines. As the host of Bandustry's virtual shows in collaboration with, she ties her acting and music industry experience together on camera in an informative and well crafted series.

Voice Clips

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