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Shiba Melissa Mazaza

English (fluent)
Upbeat, young and friendly; flirty as well as Straight, Conversational, Hard-sell, Medium sell, Nurturing, Natural , Authoratative, and more news-orientated factual clients
South Africa English, Standard American, British RP

British-Malawian Shiba Melissa Mazaza began her career as a voice artist in 2010 when she unexpectedly landed a year-long contract for Elle Magazine’s TV and radio campaign. By day she works as a PR manager for creative brand Unknown Union under CEO Jason Storey and Creative Director Yasiin Bey aka Mos Def, as well as a contributing editorial writer for New York-based and UK based She also has enjoyed short stints at arts festivals such as Design Indaba, Weheartbeat, Littlegig and Encounters Documentary Festival.

Shortly after joining APM she has since found herself providing voices for more upbeat, young and friendly clients such as Standard Bank, WeChat and Oral B with more flirtatious voices for Kia, Levi's and Spree. Hard-sell, medium sell, nurturing, natural and more news-orientated factual clients are where she shines. Her most recent jobs have varied from Ethiopian Airlines, America Garden, Place In The Sun Wine, Fruittare, Fair Lady, Debt Busters, Lancewood, Caivil Hair Care and various NGOs.

Voice Clips

  • Shiba Mazaza - Corporate AV
  • Shiba Mazaza - Hard Sell - Honda
  • Shiba Mazaza - Soft Sell - Princess
  • Shiba Mazaza - Straight - Wang Thai
  • Shiba Mazaza - Hard Sell - Hallmark
  • Shiba Mazaza - AV - Place In The Sun
  • Shiba Mazaza Johnsons Vitarich TV
  • Shiba Mazaza - Johnsons VitaRich Soap