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Zolani Nkibi

LANGUAGE: English and Xhosa

VOCAL STYLES: Hard Sell, Medium Sell,Corporate, Character, Upbeat, Smooth, Conversational, Appetite Appeal, Story Telling.

ACCENTS: South African Accent 


Zolani has over 9 years experience in the industry, he has been the voice for many top South African brands eg. BP, Caltex and Lucky Star, Media 24.
He was fortunate to feature in the movie Invictus (Directed by Clint East Wood) as an extra.
A passionate voice artist who is comfortable behind the microphone, his vocal styling includes upbeat character, smooth, conversations,story telling reads

He is a warm, dynamic voice artist and is very pleasant to work with. 

Voice Clips

  • Zolani Nkibi - Hard Sell Ubuntu Audio Groove
  • Zolani Nkibi - Hard Sell Chicken Shack
  • Zolani Nkibi - Soft Sell Ladies First Organisation
  • Zolani Nkibi - Hard Sell Cosmetics
  • Zolani Nkibi -Conversational SA Spices
  • Zolani Nkibi - Corporate Read Globetrotter Logistics